How to Get a Stronger, Bigger Chest with the Incline Bench Press

Activities like pushing a grocery cart or throwing a ball require strong chest muscles. Here’s how to get a stronger, bigger chest with the incline bench press.

Whether you want to get big like Arnie back in the day, or just want to make your chest stronger to give you confidence ahead of beach season, hitting the iron is one of the best ways to reach your goals. 

But, there are so many different types of exercises. Which is best? Which will help you reach your goal quickest? 

Keep reading to learn about how the incline bench press technique is the perfect way to add power and mass to your pecs. 

What is an Incline Bench Press?

If you want to talk about chest training, then the bench press is going to come up in the conversation. It is a classic exercise. Just you, the bench and a bar loaded with weight. 

Incline bench press is a variation on this where you raise the angle of the bench, so you are lying in a semi-seated position. Most modern benches have set degrees of incline built into them, which means you can try different inclines until you hit that sweet spot that works for you. 

However, studies have shown that 45 degrees is the optimum angle for incline bench press. 

Understanding the Incline Bench Press Benefits

Why should you do an incline press? It’s all about muscle groups and working them from new and exciting ways. 

The main incline bench press benefits are that you are targeting your upper pecs specifically. So if this is a weak area or you want to work on having that bigger bulkier look, then this is the move for you. 

Also, when you press on an incline, you are activating your shoulder muscles just enough to help reduce stress on your rotator cuff. Damage to which is a more common injury for those that bench flat. 

Incline vs Flat Bench Press: What Works Best?

When looking at a question in incline vs flat bench press, you will be hard pushed to find one to be far better than the other. 

Both exercises are crucial to building a balanced and well-rounded chest. When it comes to weight training having a varied move set is key. Flat bench press has its own benefits and will help work all of the chest muscles. 

To build the ultimate chest, you should incorporate both moves into your routine. 

Are You Ready to Sculpt the Perfect Chest?

Building the perfect chest takes time. It takes dedication. You need to lift weights and increase the weight as you get stronger. Always maintain proper form and never sacrifice that for the ego boost of an extra 5 pounds on the bar. 

However, it is also vital to understand that incline bench press alone is not going to get you where you need to be. A good chest is complemented by a well-rounded physique. This means you need to train your whole body effectively to get the maximum results from your chest training. 

Diet and allowing sufficient time for rest are also essential elements to any chest building routine. 

Keep watching my site for more posts on building your physique and how to get the most out of your training. 

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