AmmoniaSport Athletic Smelling Salts – Ampules (25)


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Size:25 Pack  |  Style:Ampules


AS’s traditional ampule has been used on the field and in the gym by collegiate and professional athletes of multiple disciplines. The quick rush of adrenaline gives you the ability that will help you reach your peak performance. Snap and Sniff!

What is AmmoniaSport:

Ammonia inhalants, sometimes called smelling salts, are chemical compounds used for arousing consciousness. Ammonia inhalants have been used by all kinds of professional and collegiate level athletes for years to blast through plateaus and take their endurance and muscular output to the next level. These ammonia inhalants are designed to boost performance in sports.

How It Works:

The combination of chemicals mix and release small amounts of ammonia gas. The ammonia irritates the blood vessels in the nasal passages providing a right away boost of strength, explosive energy, and razor sharp focus. Ammonia inhalants are legal and secure.

Athletes and Ammonia:

Have you ever watched a football or hockey game and seen players on the sidelines sniffing something? According to league sources, a high percentage of professional football and hockey players use ammonia inhalants to psych themselves up before and all the way through games. AmmoniaSport’s powerful formula provides a mental edge that is crucial to dominating your opponent.

Weightlifters and Ammonia:

Ammonia inhalants are simply a will have to for every gym junky’s gym bag. You probably have ever seen a weightlifting competition, some of the contestants crack an ampule and sniff before their max-outs. Whether you are just beginning a fitness adventure, plateaued in the gym or striving to reach that next level, AmmoniaSport will mean you can unlock your hidden power.

For more information please visit www.AmmoniaSport.com.

Smelling Salts For Athletes, Just Snap and Sniff!
Supports Explosive Energy, Maximum Strength, and Razor-Sharp Focus
Instant Sensation to Achieve Peak Performance
Prevents and Treats Fainting
Provides Immediate Relief of Lightheadedness
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