Turbo Time Smelling Salts for Athletes – (30) Ammonia Inhalant Ampules


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About Us
Turbo Time Athletic Smelling Salts give you the instant boost you wish to have when you are working out or competing. Our athletic smelling salts are 100% secure, specially engineered ampules that simply require you to snap, smell, and go!

When you’re lifting, exercising, or competing, you wouldn’t have to worry about reduced performance from physical and mental fatigue limiting your abilities–smelling salts are here to prevent these issues. Ammonia Inhalants, or Athletic Smelling Salts, are the perfect treatment for these situations—there’s NO waiting for energy to kick in or a terrible come-down like caffeine, Turbo Time provides instant results that boost your performance immediately and get you hyped up in seconds.

If you’ve ever seen NHL, NFL, Powerlifters, or collegiate athletes smelling something with an intense look before competing you’ve witnessed ammonia capsules in action.

How does this work?
Smelling salts have been used all through history and act as a respiratory stimulant that irritates the nose and lungs which relieves light-headedness, restores alertness, and gets you in the zone. Whether you wish to have to blast through that 1 rep max or live much longer than your competition, Turbo Time is your best choice to gain a competitive edge and win. Tork up your performance and share them with your teammates, just never the competition!

Our Guarantee
Turbo Time’s Smelling Salt Ampules are proudly made in the us and we’re confident you’ll love our product. If for any reason you’re not happy, do not hesitate to contact us and we guarantee a response within 24 hours to help fix any issues and be sure to remain a satisfied customer. We appreciate your business!

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Turbo Time Smelling Salts for Athletes is the reason for your next PR!
Max out your strength and mental focus for the most productive workouts
Supercharge your athletic performance to the next level with new and longer-lasting Turbo Time ammonia inhalants
You’ll be the usage of what the pros use—ammonia inhalants are common tools of top performers!
Total Satisfaction Guarantee – If for whatever reason you aren’t satisfied with our ammonia salts, simply return the item for a complete refund. Enjoy Turbo Time risk-free!
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