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Zenith Ammonia Inhalant Smelling Salts

Unbeatable product features:

– Best Value On Amazon

– Extended ammonia production while you workout

– Easy to use – simply add a cap full of water to the cotton ball

– Strong enough for professional athletic smelling salts including powerlifting smelling salts

– Unbeatable customer service, any issues please contact us


Simply add about 1 tablespoon of water onto the cotton ball in the bottle, close the cap and shake. Within seconds the ammonia production will begin and will continue thereafter. Before you open the cap, bang the bottom of the bottle on a surface to ensure the cap is free of material before opening. Sniff and whiff as needed and reseal the cap after each use. CAUTION: Keep the nose at least 6 Inches from bottle opening; the smell will be STRONG!


– Do not use while pregnant

– Keep away from children

– Do not use if you have allergies to any of the ingredients


– sodium carbonate

– ammonium chloride

– each bottle contains 1 ball of cotton

EASY TO USE – JUST ADD WATER TO THE COTTON BALL AND SHAKE – It doesn’t take a lot of liquid to start the reaction that creates the extremely potent ammonia smelling salt reaction in our Atomic Rhino smelling salt bottle. Add just 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of water on the cotton ball inside the bottle and it’s enough to give enough torque to blast you to the next level in your high endurance workout or sport
DESIGNED WITH PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES IN MIND – Zenith ammonia smelling salts are perfect for giving you that extra boost while lifting and powerlifting but also ideal for athletes involved in high intensity sports like hockey, football, and basketball, where the fast adrenaline rush action can sometimes result in injuries or exhaustion
BEST VALUE- Our complete control over production ensures we can bring you the high quality smelling salts you need with minimal impact on your wallet
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